A little about us...

ONEHEART aims...

...to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment in struggling communities in Vietnam by helping children to go to school.

As a result of ONEHEART's support, since 2001:

  • 60 children have received scholarships

  • 27 children have completed junior high school and are now in senior high school

  • Older children mentor younger children

A Little History

ONEHEART was founded in 2001 by Mua Nguyen, an Australian-Vietnamese woman who was introduced to children of destitute families in an area of southern Vietnam known as the 'plastic bag village'.

After consultation with teachers, parents and students in the village, she set up ONEHEART. Since then ONEHEART has extended support and educational opportunities to four other isolated communities in southern Vietnam.

Ways You Can Help

To help us make a real and lasting difference in the lives of these children and theit families you can:

  • Make a donation

  • Buying cards from ONEHEART (see contact us)


  • Volunteer your expertise

AFAP and Oneheart Education Foundation Inc. are working jointly in the delivery of aid to communities overseas. AFAP closely monitors the work of Oneheart Education Foundation to ensure the delivery of relief and/or development programs in Vietnam in terms of project outcomes. AFAP allows Oneheart Education Foundation to use donated funds or donations in kind only for benevolent aactivities undertaken by Oneheart Education Foundation.

We, Oneheart Education Foundation, do not have DGR status in our own right and are relying on AFAP's DGR endorsed status by the ATO.

AFAP retains the ultimate discretion whether to distribute any funds in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor.